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Let’sLas Tunas


You and your guests will select from one of these appetizers in this private dining package. Appetizers can be serve a la carte, or family style. We usually recommend family style as it really gets the party started, and people interacting.

You can make this selection below.


All entrees are accompanied one side dish. You and your guests will be able to select from dirty rice, coconut mashed yams, white rice, tostones, or maduros.

Entrees can be served a la carte, family style, or buffet. We recommend entrees be served a la carte, this gives everyone a moment to really dig in, and get that taste of Havana baby!


Desserts are the signature at Rebecca’s. We believe (of course we would right) that we have the best flan in the world. Regardless of your choice, you cannot go wrong with a Rebecca’s dessert.

Be sure to save some room, you are not going to regret it.


You are almost there, lets just get some last details, and boom, we are ready!
NOTE: Only package available Fridays & Saturdays from 5:00PM - 11:00PM is Taste of Havana.
Your guests do not have to behave like adults, to be considered an adult 🙂 Anyone over 12 years old should be counted as an adult.
All children 12 years or under can received a kids meal, and unlimited soft drinks for $15.00. Having said that if anyone wants to be a big boy, or a big girl, he/she can order from the menu at usual prices, or take advantage of the package pricing.

Private dining experiences require a 25% down payment which secures the tables and staff to cater to your carefully planned event. Events are three hours, and usually require a week’s notice in advance. After selecting your package, and adding your preferences, we guarantee that you will hear back from us within a few hours.


Our owners and manager have arranged, catered and hosted hundreds of parties. If there is something special you need, chances are we have done it, or have a way to get it done. Our restaurant is a labor of love, and we take great pride in creating lasting memories with our guests, especially those families and friends that keep coming back event after event!

Look at this team of good looking bastards, we kid. No, in all seriousness, we got you.

Avi Premlall

Avi is the sole owner and operator of Rebecca’s Fine Cuisine Inc. He is a corporate rock star and an international beverage aficionado by day, and by night Avi is a master of orchestrating a luxury lifestyle. Because of Avi, the overall operation of this restaurant runs smoothly, when something works, it is usually because Avi was involved!

Engel Nicasio

Engel is the soul and then heart of Rebecca’s. He manages all of the staff and the establishment as his own, and treats customers as family. He is a professionally trained restaurant manager, speaks multiple languages, verse in the ingredients and preparation process of the menu items, and the leader of all staff.

  • La comida aquí es el mejor de los USA. Asistí a un baby shower para mi novia durante un brunch el domingo . Hemos sido capaces de decorar el lugar a nosotros mismos , jugamos la música que nos gustaba , y disfrutamos de una comida de tres platos que parecía que estábamos de vuelta a casa . ¡Bien hecho! (Google translate)
    Maria Anthony
    Maria Anthony
  • I came here on the opening night. I had the steak, well to be precise the churrasco. It was impressive, but, this was opening night. I had just moved to the East Coast, so finding a good restaurant means you go again, and again. Repeatedly, every item on the menu is just a dance to remember. From the Camarones Verdes to the Ropa Veija - these guys get it!
    Rick Chavez
    Rick Chavez
  • We had our wedding anniversary party here. The BYOB service is great, everyone was able to bring their favorite drinks and we embellished in the food and music. The best part? The owners came over, spoke to us and found out it was our anniversary. They asked us for our wedding song, and then played it for my wife and I to dance after dinner. You can't beat that!
    Dan Atieh
    Dan Atieh